2018 Team Preview Series

Welcome to the inaugural Below Replacement Level series: 2018 Team Previews. Over the coming month, we will post a preview for each team, covering their 2017 performance, offseason moves, key players, and 2018 projections. These posts are meant to cover each team at a high level, outlining the team and organization as a whole heading into the 2018 season.

A few notes to keep in mind while reading the individual team previews:

  • 2018 Projections were taken from the three major public projection systems: Steamer, ZiPS, and PECOTA
  • For the sake of not repeating ourselves, references to an individual player’s stats from any of these projections systems will simply be used by sWAR (Steamer 2018 WAR projection), zWAR (ZiPS player projection), and pWAR (Pecota player projection)
  • 2017 WAR figures were taken from Fangraphs unless otherwise indicated, as that is our preference in quick player evaluations
  • Pecota is the only projection system from the three used that outputs win and loss totals. For Steamer and ZiPS win totals, we had to roughly assess our own playing time projections, adding or subtracting from the ‘replacement level’ team. These are rough estimates to get a general idea of how the projection system see the team’s median performances

We plan on posting one team preview for each day leading up to the opening of the 2018 season. If we don’t, you can definitely blame RBD, it’s probably his fault. Hopefully, this series will help you catch up with where each of the 30 MLB teams is heading into the 2018 season.

Feel free to comment or contact us with any questions or suggestions.

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